Innovation pod protective surface makes touchscreen smartphones

touchscreen smartphones

American company invented Grappa protective Cheap Touch Screen Phone from quality « iPhone » makes all surfaces of the phone are running touch.

According to the website « Mac World » , a specialist in the field of new technology that bursa invented by the company « Canopy » , American and carries the name « Sensus » made ​​of plastic material and provider of carbon -based rubber surfaces touch and takes the phone in all its aspects .

And responds to touch these surfaces and pressure , thanks to technology , especially for the sensor , is scheduled to put various colors and forms as of next summer .

This involves new bursa many benefits , especially for people who want to keep the phone screen clean of fingerprints , can also be used in electronic games practiced on the phone .

She says the company « Canopy » The bursa « Sensus » compatible with hundreds of applications for the phones « iPhone » currently available on the Internet, and the company hopes to put socks , especially phones that are running operating systems « Android » by the end of this year .