Cellphones - Some Considerations in the Cell Phone for the future

Cell phone technology has been moving forward at separate neck speed, and sometimes we may not notice it, but think back to just a few years ago and you can observe all the new element integration and race available on the market - a race to "wow" consumers and cause them to become choose a specific gadget. But before we talk about the current trends in cellphones and smart phones, let's discuss yesteryear evolution of these devices.

Since, I had on the list of first mobile "cell" phones - I'd like to tell you a quick story to start this discussion.

My first cell phones were state-of-the-art at the time, but if you found them today, you'd chuckle. One of them We actually kept; a Mitsubishi Transportable. This phone is about how big a six pack cooler that you might take to your children's soccer game, and it had been quite heavy, as I recall it really is well over 10 pounds. This of course included the battery power to power up to 3 Watt phone.

Remember that Ion-lithium batteries at the time were just coming off of the assembly lines and were pricey - they did not exist in this particular size for anything although NASA and military utilization. These original cell phones I had created were nickel hydride run, quite an inferior battery power technology for modern cellphones.

The Mitsubishi Cell Phone carries a strap on it in order to carry it like any purse, and I typically felt really stupid having it, until of training course it rang, and I unzipped the very best, pulled out the handset about the phone and began discussing. I can recall that everyone stared almost like I was a magic formula CIA agent, was earning a living for MI6, and my name wasn't Lance, it was really James Bond. You view, at that time not to many people had the cellphones and they were extremely expensive.

Another one of our first phones was any Audiovox 1000 model, which has been quite large and it had been mounted in my vehicle, a car phone - cellphone. The box that ran the Mobile phone was mounted under the actual seat, and there seemed to be a cradle that held the headset. The headset had any cord on it being a phone at home, prior to cordless phones that will be. Under the seat the actual box was about 3 1/2 inches high and how big a laptop with any 17. 1 inch display screen.

This Cell Phone or car cellphone was wired directly on the battery with some fuses. When I switched on the vehicle, the Mobile phone would automatically turn about. If I turned off of the vehicle, I had to keep it on accessory with all the key in the right position, unless I left the telephone on which by-passed the actual ignition. When the phone rang and in actual fact honked the horn, which got me into trouble a couple of times when the horn went off while I seemed to be driving behind a law enforcement officials car stopped at a great intersection. I have many stories to tell you about the many early days with the 1st cell phones, and you may e-mail me should you be ever interested in like experiences.

Folks today take all of this for granted, as they do not realize how cumbersome the first cell phones were, or how stupid these folks were compared to modern day Best cheap smartphones 2013. Today they give that you free cell phone when you sign up for service - back then you certainly had to pay $1000 to get a car cell phone, and approximately a couple hundred dollars to own it installed. It was an amazing procedure, if you use a stereo system, and an XM radio put in your car while doing so, that is about just how much work it took to achieve this. Therefore, at today's labor rates you could potentially easily pay three or perhaps $400. That's definitely something to think about.

If I was conversing with someone on the phone even though the engine was running, if i turned off the car and moved the real key to the accessory position I would dump the phone call up, as I cut it out in that transition. However, having a cellphone in my car assisted me increase my company. At the time We was only 17 years - I had a great aircraft brokerage firm as well as aircraft finder's service and I would work off of service fees whenever an aircraft that i represented sold. I also had a tiny aircraft cleaning service and could contact customers from my vehicle about the flight line, and my crews could call me if they were done with the project as they would utilize the local payphone to call up me.

Thus, this mobile technology allowed me to make more money, and remain more efficient compared to the competition. Remember at time this was leading border technology, it was state-of-the-art, and I had created it - the competition would not. No longer was I stuck in the office, I could run our business from anywhere also it allowed me much overall flexibility. Often people today don't realize what it was like before mobile cellphones. Anyone who is in business now over the age of 50 certainly realizes, simply because they remember a time when there were no cell phones.

Innovation pod protective surface makes touchscreen smartphones

touchscreen smartphones

American company invented Grappa protective Cheap Touch Screen Phone from quality « iPhone » makes all surfaces of the phone are running touch.

According to the website « Mac World » , a specialist in the field of new technology that bursa invented by the company « Canopy » , American and carries the name « Sensus » made ​​of plastic material and provider of carbon -based rubber surfaces touch and takes the phone in all its aspects .

And responds to touch these surfaces and pressure , thanks to technology , especially for the sensor , is scheduled to put various colors and forms as of next summer .

This involves new bursa many benefits , especially for people who want to keep the phone screen clean of fingerprints , can also be used in electronic games practiced on the phone .

She says the company « Canopy » The bursa « Sensus » compatible with hundreds of applications for the phones « iPhone » currently available on the Internet, and the company hopes to put socks , especially phones that are running operating systems « Android » by the end of this year .

How the project will change the future of the ARA smartphones

I just bought the latest smartphone in the market and paid a large sum for a meeting , after several months there has been a better accuracy phones with cameras , two months after a new phone a sophisticated processor , a month after another phone supports new communication technology , what do you do ? Do you buy a new phone is a sophisticated all advanced technology? ARA .. project will give top 5 smartphones demountable and installation will consist of pieces of modules , each responsible for a particular job putting together all of the electronic board and ride the LEGO pieces to make your smart phone .

This project is the work by the Department of advanced technologies and projects in the company Google and known simply ATAP and revealed for the first time in the twenty-ninth of October last year , Google is counting too much on the project in reshaping the future of cheap touch screen phones by bringing about a real revolution in it. The truth is , this project is one of the reasons for Google to acquire Motorola announced that it has acquired and what Lenovo did not sell out the project and patents .

This project will allow each person to build his phone to his taste and according to his needs perfectly , it's something contrary to what we know today as the adoption of corporate devices custom-tailored and sold them all, and I doubt that you are in your whole life have purchased a device fully compatible with all your desires , always there either things incomplete or extra things you do not use .

ARA technically

Let's talk details of the technique a little bit about the phone by the newspaper Waltham, will Google three different measurements of the panel electronic will be built blocks which are called short endo and the rest of the units and the pieces can be purchased from various companies , any phone will be a complex of several products companies as we do with assembling personal computers .
Will make the main panel of aluminum and the retinal circuitry allows the cut to communicate with each other, and the pieces are installed manually as simple as loosen your battery .

It is noticeable that all the pieces will be a uniform design and standardized measurements Whatever its function , the piece is responsible for the camera can be removed and the installation of another piece place responsible for random access memory , for example. And you can even install two batteries of the phone and do without the camera , just drag the piece camera and enter the place a piece of the battery.

The device supports feature switch without the need to restart the device and called hot-swapping , where will recognize the device directly on the pieces that were removed and installed without the need to switch it off and restart it.

Because the device is composed of interconnected parts Kallego might expect that it could unravel in your hand , for example , so there is a small electromagnet will work on keeping the pieces and connect them to each other .

ARA marketing

The first thing that occurred to me when I knew this project is that Google is trying to hit the wall of billions of dollars spent by manufacturers , especially the major cable and Samsung to promote the brand . Those companies paid all this money and marketing campaigns even brags Baalamtha people on their computers , people stand Bataiwaber and long weeks before it reaches the iPhone to the market , the opinion of most people today buy phones because of the brand or design, not because of the specifications of the device.
How Google Stsouk this project? It is accepted that the same holds phone does not have a brand ? His upscale label or " assembly " ? Google will sell the motherboard basic $ 50 , and stubborn itself says that the project is aimed at all consumers , not a class freaks technical geeks, but I doubt this, Google does not know to deal with all the consumers the company is controlled by thinking the geek universe all departments of them and this is not a shame , of course, but a real problem when you want to deal with whatever the average person who has a simplified process .. Let's just cut it and putting together .. Lego 'll .. " headache " and moving on to someone else to collect the pieces in advance and sold them with profit.
Here we face another problem which is the price, because if you buy the pieces individually , you will pay the price of the most expensive of which Apple buys processors from Samsung phone to the iPhone , because it buys hundreds of millions of processors and benefit from economies of scale and receives a great save on the price. The same thing applies to the rest of the pieces , and here we will have a series of long supply of plant processors in Korea , for example, into the hands of the customer in any Arab country , which will pass through a wholesaler Korean then he loads the wholesaler Arabic and then to the dealer half a sentence or a broker and then to retail , each episode in this series will add a profit on the processor in addition to the shipping expense , and therefore the level of the total price of the machine you would be cheaper and more meaningful than buying a smart phone ready ? , here's a big challenge must be resolved .

Another challenge in front of Google is Bhetwafiqih the pieces together to sell marketing , imagine if there has alliances between companies and blocked parts of other companies that are compatible with the cut , for example, the camera from Sony will not only work with a screen of Sony as well, and the processor from Samsung will only work with Random memory from Samsung , if you want to install additional internal memory expandable in the future you will find that the company cut Stgbarak to buy , what is the point here of this whole project ? .

Will Google three conferences this year and will be the prototypes of the device are expected to be available the first commercial version of it next year , any project theoretically close check but Google intends to him for things beyond , I expect that the phone complex will Android- also as long as Google behind it , this is him twice , first to get out of control Samsung mantle on the system , and the second deployment of Android in more distant markets and segments of new users .

For Nctah imagination more to hurt companies the size of Samsung and Apple of this project - that happened - they may attempt to bypass it , imagine that launches Samsung devices ARA but all or most of the pieces of making Samsung itself , so yes you can unpack the pieces and developed solely by cutting the latest , you can upgrade the camera of 16 megapixels to 21 megapixels without the need to buy a new device , but the device as a whole will continue to mark the Samsung business people that I love , this is Samsung benefited from the idea of ​​ARA also .
Finally, and in spite of the creative idea behind the project will succeed, but I do not find as much as globally managed system Android , and I find it is directed to the general users who are definitely more of nerds and lovers who have the technical expertise and experience removing and installing these pieces . Google wants to do something in terms of gear (ARA) also managed to succeed at the level of the software ( Android ) . I hope I'm wrong ! .